Syntropic Farms Co. design and develop Syntropic Agricultural Systems (Agroforestry-Systems). Syntropic or Agroforestry aim to reduce external inputs over time, produce an abundant array of horticultural, orchard, timber and other crops while regenerating the soil.

Although agroforestry systems are not new, the approach that is applied here follows the understandings and theories of Ernst Gotsch, a Swiss/Brazilian plant biologist that has over 30 years’ experience in reading forests to design regenerative systems.

Over many decades of observation and practice, Ernst Gotsch has formulated agricultural systems based on natural succession, creating ecosystems with similar structures, functions and dynamics to natural and localized biomes. Syntropic Farming fosters positive energetic yields resulting in abundant systems and high-quality harvest. The system is applicable to both small and large-scale farming and is able to support micro and macro-organisms while ensuring the health of the greater organism – Planet Earth.


Syntropic Farming 1

Get to know the philosophy, theory and practical aspects of Syntropic Farming in our four-day course. In this course, you will get hands-on experience of how basic Syntropic Farming concepts are put into practice.