We offer two different Syntropic Farming courses which teach you the philosophy, theory and practical aspects of Syntropic Farming and provide a hands-on experience of how Syntropic Farming concepts are put into practice.

Our courses are for farmers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, decision makers, and anyone who wants to be involved and take responsibility in two key aspect of life: food production and environmental stewardship.

The course will be ministered by Karin Hanzi, Thiago Barbosa and our professional team will help in the delivery of all practical and theoretical aspects.

Syntropic Farming Course 1 
Introduction to Syntropic Farming

Here is where it all starts! Get to know the philosophy, theory and practical aspects of Syntropic Farming in our four-day course. In this course, you will get hands-on experience of how basic Syntropic Farming concepts are put into practice. Our teachers are all Syntropic Farmers themselves with many years of experience in Brazil. The demonstration sites are based in several different areas, each offering a unique focus on terrain and soil condition. This allows lots of practical exercises and a variety of environments to learn from.

SF1 is for farmers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, decision makers, and anyone who wants to be involved and take responsibility in two key aspect of life: food production and environmental stewardship. Both of which these aspects are essential to our immediate and long-term subsistence.

Overview of SF1 content:

Basics of Syntropic Farming – Theory:

  • Selective weeding
  • Pruning principles
  • Introduction to soil food web
  • Stratification framework
  • Introduction to ecophysiological functions of the plant

Basics of Syntropic Farming – Practice:

  • Understanding the roles of key species in the system
  • Soil preparation
  • Planting
  • Irrigation
Syntropic Farming Course 2
Advanced practices of Syntropic Farming

Welcome back! It’s great to know that you want to deepen your knowledge here in our four-day Advanced Practices course. Like our introductory course, this course combines theory and practical exercises, with greater focus on selective pruning.

The SF2 is recommended for people who have already completed SF1. Priority will be given to those who have a real contact with agriculture and/or those who intend to embark on the journey in the very near future.

Overview of SF2 content (indication only):

Advanced Techniques of Syntropic Farming – Theory:

  • Plant architecture and its relationship with ecophysiological functions
  • Advanced pruning techniques for system management
  • Successional composition of consortiums
  • System planning and implementation

Advanced Techniques of Syntropic Farming – Practice:

  • Implementing a system in a forestry ecosystem
  • Advanced pruning techniques
  • Soil preparation and planting

Course Dates and Location

  • SF1 – 16 th to 19 th of November 2017, Byron Bay, NSW
  • SF1 – 23 th to 26 rd of November 2017, Byron Bay, NSW
  • SF2 – 30 th of November to the 3rd of December 2017, Byron Bay, NSW

Course Price

  • Syntropic Farming 1 (introductory level) course: $850
  • Syntropic Farming 2 (advanced level) course: $850

Byron Bay

Location: The address of the farm will be send by a confirmation email.

Accommodation: Outside camping in close proximity to the property is included in the price. Daily transport to and from the property is also included.

If camping, please bring your tent and anything else required for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also, please ensure that your tent is capable of handling wet weather.

Catering: Your participation includes access to wholesome, locally sourced vegetarian offerings, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you have special dietary requirements, then please bring some of your preferred/required options and let us know ASAP so we can try to cater for your needs. s.

How to enrol

Please complete the registration form below and we will be able to assist with your booking. You will be contacted by e-mail once your booking has been confirmed, and once again close to the course date providing any final instructions and information.

Course Info

When should we arrive?

The course starts at 7am (sharp) on the first advertised day. We encourage participants to arrive on the previous day (afternoon/early evening) to set up and familiarize themselves with the site and instructors. We ask all who are arriving a day early to bring their own food, as our cooks will only start catering from the first day of the course. If arriving on the morning of the course, please ensure to arrive on site at 6am, allowing time for registration to take place.


When does the course end? 

The course will finish around 4pm on the last advertised day.


What do we need to bring?

This is a hands-on course in Syntropic Farming. The use of tools is optional and it is up to each participant to use them safely. We do not take responsibility for accidents.

- Personal tool kit: machete (sharpened), secateurs, pruning saw, gloves and safety equipment (glasses/goggles, leg protectors and whatever else you judge to be necessary for your safety). Gloves are indispensable for people that who are not used to handling agricultural tools, as blisters develop quickly and may hinder your ability to participate in course activities.

- Insect repellent and sunscreen

- Working clothes, shoes and hat

- Water bottle

- Towel

- Raincoat

- Warm clothes

- If camping, tent and sleeping gear

- Personal hygiene products (must be compostable)

- Seeds and seedlings are welcome

- Specific medication (first aid kit available)


Do you offer car pooling?

We will create a WhatsApp group to help students organize rideshares to the course and to exchange relevant information. Please let us know your mobile phones if you want to participate in this. 


What about cancelation?

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and you may not be able to attend the course after payment has been made. We are happy to give you a full refund up to 21 days from the date of your booked course minus a $25 administration fee. If you need to cancel your booking within 21 days, then we will not be able to provide a refund, however you will be able to use your payment towards a future course.


Any more questions?

Please consult our FAQ page and/or send us an e-mail (info@syntropicfarmsco.com).

Syntropic Regards.