Syntropic Agriculture meets Permaculture in the Northern Rivers

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Written by Bunya Halasz: Operator of Growing Roots Permaculture and Educator at Byron Community College.

In anticipation of the upcoming Syntropy 1 and 2 training courses being run in the Northern Rivers of NSW I am writing this post to encourage any interested participants to take this opportunity to jump in and do this course if you feel the calling.

I grew up with food gardening and bush skills as a child, then studied Agroecology, Landscape Design and Environmental Sciences and Permaculture. I now have 20 years experience as a market gardener, ecologist, food forester, nurseryman and Permaculture Educator and am excited about the upcoming Syntropy courses as an opportunity to learn and collaborate with this school of working wisdom that has been developed in the tropics and subtropics of Brazil.

I have followed this movement online over the last couple of years and am inspired by the achievements of this large scale food and reforestation model that is proving highly effective at regenerating soil and the natural environment whilst simultaneously achieving quality, highly productive foods in a diverse, resilient system of production.

This system is a great example of socially, environmentally and economically sound business that is so aligned with the principles of Agroforestry and Permaculture style Food Forestry being performed on a large scale with considerable success in the context of Brazil.

I have been committed to numerous projects exploring many of these ideas over the years but have felt challenged by the prospect of how to implement these practices on a larger scale.

I see this visit by Namaste Messerschmidt and Patricia Vaz as a great opportunity to learn, brainstorm and explore how these techniques could be implemented and further developed within the social, environmental and economic climate of the humid subtropics of the east coast of Australia.

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